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Divorce & Post-Divorce

Experts in Divorce

With the divorce rates ever-increasing in the United States, it is important to have an attorney with the knowledge and expertise to get you through these trying times. Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. handles both divorce and post-divorce cases, ensuring that you are protected and represented no matter what issues arise.

Utilizing the vast areas of expertise in our firm, Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. can handle all kinds of issues that arise in divorce, whether it be transferring property, dividing partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, minimizing tax liabilities, or planning financially for the future.

Skilled Negotiators

Attorneys at Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. will advise you of the law as it pertains to your case, review and analyze your property to determine what must be divided in a divorce, make recommendations about child custody and visitation if children are involved, creating a schedule to allow the parties to co-parent in the future, and calculate spousal support and child support.

Skilled litigation attorneys ensure that you are prepared to present a thorough and organized case to the court in the event the case results in a hearing or final trial.

The Goal: Agreement

At Hilburn & Harper, Ltd., we also know that issues arise after a divorce is over. While the goal is always to create an agreement that is final in every sense of the word, circumstances may arise that create a need for modification.

Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. can effectively and efficiently handle these issues inside and outside of the courtroom by filing motions requesting the modification necessary or requesting relief from the court for a party’s breach of the agreement. Our goal is to reach a resolution that meets the needs of our clients quickly and decisively.

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