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Adoptions & Guardianships

From birth, adoption of a child in a dependency-neglect or maltreatment action, stepparent adoption, or single-parent adoption. Choosing to adopt is an important decision in your life, and Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. ensures that the proper steps are taken for a smooth transition.

Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. also handles guardianships. Guardianships allow you to plan for the future when you may be unable to care for a loved one. Alternatively, guardianships allow you to care for loved ones when they may be unable to care for themselves.

Both adoptions and guardianships require investigation into the safety of your home and environment for the person to be affected, evidence that you are the proper person to care for that individual, and a determination by the Court that adoption or guardianship is appropriate. Hilburn & Harper, Ltd. has the experience and expertise to ensure that all bases are covered and that the Court is provided the necessary information to make such a determination.

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